Additional information

£70 per hour for new private clients.
I allow a space for two clients at any one time to see me at reduced fees if appropriate. Call to see.

If we meet and you can get a similar service elsewhere free then I will refer you to it if required. If one of us feels that therapy with me would not feel quite right then there is of course no commitment to any further sessions and I will happily refer you to a suitable colleague or specialism.

I often write onward referrals and GP or Consultant letters, and unless a great deal of work is involved (such as in report writing or formal assessment) I do not make further charge.

Like all other therapists (and the Dentist) however, I do charge for missed sessions, but endeavour to rearrange wherever possible.


I work weekdays 9.00 am - 7.00 pm.  I currently have ONE SPACE for a new client but will be happy to discuss forthcoming availability or advise if you wish to contact me Thank you!